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BC Media and Associates Inc. specializes in Radio, TV and Digital marketing for businesses large and small.

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  • Online Forms to Pre-Qualify Job Applicants Online Forms To Pre Qualify Job Applicants - The BC Media and Associates Digital Team is proud to announce the addition of Online Forms to Pre Qualify Job Applicants! Companies using our traditional radio and tv commercials to advertise for job openings REJOICE! The Digital Team has met your demand with online forms to pre qualify job applicants. As we evolve our department to further support requests of our advertisers, look for more updates like these in the coming weeks. But for now lets roll out our online job applicant pre-qualification forms. This new service is available to all our current advertisers regardless of industry. Cost is not included with any current campaign pricing however adding a pre-qualification landing page is very affordable. Basic design, implementation and 3 months of storage starts at under $500! A great deal to augment a planned successful hiring campaign. Why Use Online Forms To Pre Qualify Job Applicants Savings. Savings, of all kinds, is the reason why to use online forms to pre-qualify your job applicants. Our advertisers requested a way to pre-qualify applicants before they call HR or visit a hiring office. The best way is with a mobile friendly online form specifically designed for a corporate hiring phase. Advertisers wanted… Continue reading Online Forms To Pre Qualify Job Applicants

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BC Media and Associates is a full service direct response advertising agency. We offer Radio, TV, Streaming and Digital advertising to businesses large and small. Our transparency in campaign reporting is what makes us unique however our low prices make us competitive. So much so we offer an ROI Guarantee.
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