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An Outline Of How To Use Web Services

An Outline Of How To Use Web Services

Using the web services provided by BC Media you open yourself up to a much wider market. Thus we, the web team, thought it imperative to give you an Outline Of How To Use Web Services. So here goes …

An Outline Of How To Use Web Services

This example outline will assume you have no website currently online.

1.) Build a mobile friendly website, sales funnel or landing page.

On average, depending on your business, visitors will view your site on a mobile device. It is a must you grab their attention immediately. With so many options for users your website needs to get an instant reaction.

2.) Pack your site with relevant content.

When you get someone to your site you have to give them something to read. Something to click on. A way to interact with your company. An example would be a person looking for debt consolidation. The first pieces of information you might want, 3 reasons you’re credit matters. This example give the user a feeling of the end result. Better credit by using your service. After that tell them how. i.e. contact us, call now, join our newsletter etc. Likewise, in the case of online stores and shopping carts have detailed descriptions, information charts and product shots as needed.

3.) Start professional SEO services immediately.

With the saturation of websites on the net today you have to take steps to stand out. Years ago being on page 2 or 3 of Google may have been okay. Today however, things have changed. Many people will not make it to page 2 or 3 of a search engine. SEO services will help your site rank naturally. This means that even when you are not running an Adwords campaign, you will still come up high enough to be seen.

4.) Start an Adwords campaign while your site is going through our SEO process.

Ranking a website organically take a bit of time. A great way to speed up the process is to run a mild to aggressive Adwords campaign. Focusing on various keywords and phrases around you product or service can have huge instant results in driving traffic to your site. Our team is happy to discuss options to get you running Adwords with your specified keywords. Adwords is also a great way to give niche sites a boost.

5.)Be ready to handle incoming inquiries

This is important and commonly overlooked. Thus we had to add it to an outline of how to use web services. How to deal with the influx of customer inquiries via phone and email. Do you have email responses ready? Many times most responses will be very similar. Get a few email templates ready for you to copy and paste whenever possible. Is your voicemail message current, professional and clear? Chances are you won’t be able to answer every call right away. If this is the case, make sure your voicemail message is updated. Be sure it is easy to understand and to the point. Offer alternate ways to contact you as well. Email, Text Message and leaving a message via social media are all options you should offer to the caller. As a rule, try to make it as easy as possible for the customer to buy from you.

So quickly, there is an outline of how to use web services. Naturally your detailed roadmap will look a bit different but the basics are all here.

Looking forward to customizing your roadmap soon!