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Which Is Better Radio Or Facebook For Small Business Advertising

Radio Or Facebook For Small Business Advertising?

There is no doubt Facebook and social media in general has changed the way we live and do business. But lets take a realistic look at radio or Facebook for small business advertising. While Facebook advertising may seem less expensive, ROI might say otherwise. In this article we will take a common sense approach. Factors will be common small business owners trying to create Facebook ads themselves. On the flip side will be using a company, like BC Media and Associates, to create and run a radio ad.

Which Is Better Radio Or Facebook For Small Business Advertising?

Small Business in our definition is any business that generates $1 to $1 million per year. On the high side, some might consider that medium business. But for our purposes we’ll call that small.

Facebook First.

Why Facebook Isnt Best For Small Business AdvertisingThere are many aspects that are alluring when it comes to Facebook ads. You can start an advertising campaign for as little as $7! Wow! You can do it yourself which might “save the business money”. You can choose your target audience by their likes and dislikes. However when it comes down to brass tacks this is what most small business find out about Facebook. ———–>

Lack of real interaction is what they find. Maybe a few like your post. One or two like your page. But what most business owners are finding out is that Facebook advertising do not convert. Social Media advertising also take lots of work. Not only creating the ads themselves but monitoring and responding to them also. (That monitoring part is ALWAYS overlooked.) You see, the drawback is when you advertise on Social Media platforms people expect an immediate response. Most comments will “test you out” or “see if you would respond”. For small business owners this becomes a challenge. Often times resulting in dead conversation that just wastes time.

Now … about that $7 starting price tag. Lets explore that a bit more. For $7 on Facebook you will get seen by 500 – 700 people. That’s it. If you created an awesome ad you may get some engagement … but don’t expect much. Time for an monetary example. Given the numbers above lets say you want to reach 50,000 people.

So, 50,000 รท 700 = 71.42.

Then 71.42 x $7 = $499.94

From the math example it is clear. For about $500 you will be seen by approximately 50,000 people. BUT! That does not guarantee interaction or conversion.

What Do Others Say?

While we are discussing Radio or Facebook for Small Business Advertising, here are some interesting truths from around the web to back up this article. This article from chron.com states “Ispos and Reuters Newswire found that four in five Facebook users have never bought a product or service as a result of advertising on the site”. The article goes on to say “General Motors pulled its own ads … claiming advertising on the site [Facebook] was ineffective”.

Here is a nifty chart that from WordStream.com showing click through rate per industry via Facebook advertising. Lets take a look.

facebook ads average click through rate graphic

Depending on your industry you can see that using Facebook as a sole source of advertising will have a pretty low conversion rate overall. Additionally, the chart above has professional ads factored in. Ads that have gone through A/B testing to see which ones are more effective. Thus, keep in mind, “testing” Facebook ads is the same as running ads.

Are Radio Commercials Cheaper Than Facebook Ads?

As a small business owner one question that is 100% valid is “are radio commercials cheaper than Facebook ads?”. We think you might be surprised at the answer.

Low Maintenance

Radio ads aren’t just low maintenance … they are no maintenance. As the business owner, simply decide on a weekly budget and BC Media works within that budget to get you your desired listening times. However you do have options to participate in your radio ad. You can write the script. You can narrate the ad yourself. Or you can choose a “Do It For Me” approach and we will create the entire radio ad for you. Simple.

So now you know. With radio advertising you don’t have to monitor and respond, test and re-test like you do with Facebook. Small Business owners make a few key selections, approve the script and set the budget. BC Media will also provide tracking information on the calls or views to your landing pages. I’m sure you will agree, saving you time also saves you money, no doubt.

What About Cost Of Radio Advertising For Small Business?

Here is what will shock you. Small business owners asking “What about the cost of radio advertising for small business?”. “Is Radio Affordable?”. Or “I have a very limited budget, how can I afford radio advertising?”. As a basic response BC Media replies “$2 per 1000 listeners”.

So lets stack that figure for radio advertising against Facebook advertising.

Radio: $2 per 1000 impressions

Facebook: $14 per 1400 impressions (this is actually the writer being VERY generous. actuals are closer to 700-800 impressions depending on your ad.)

Given the information above, radio advertising has the potential to be far more effective. Radio is easier to implement than Facebook advertising and requires no maintenance or response monitoring like Facebook does. Dive deeper into the effectiveness with Radio Advertising in our article Facts on Radio Advertising Listener Base

The Focus Is Conversion

The focus is conversion with little effort on part of the small business owner. All aspect considered, Radio is by far the winner in this head to head battle. To quote Ron Popeil Radio has a “Set it and forget it” appeal that Social Media just can’t compete with. Radio advertising also pre-qualifies customers interested in your product or service. While on Social Media people can comment whatever they like, Radio requires them to honestly have a need. This pre-qualification eliminates wasted time on leads that are not truly ready for your product or service.

So What Is Your Take? Radio Or Facebook For Small Business Advertising?

Radio or Facebook for small business advertising? What will your choice be? While BC Media recommends you try both to gather your own results, resoundingly our findings are you will be happier with the ROI from Radio advertising. Contact us via email or phone for a free consultation on which option might be best for your business.

Facts on Radio Advertising Listener Base

Facts on Radio Advertising Listener Base

Living with the internet everywhere many may think that Radio Advertising should be abandoned. However, this article will show you facts on radio advertising listener base. In short, radio advertising is relevant more than ever before.

Using hard data courtesy of RadioCentre.org we’ll give examples of how to influence your target market. By the end, you will understand how combining BC Media’s TV and Radio options will increase your direct consumer response campaign dramatically.

First, lets start with a common sense example. No hard data necessary. Just a real life example of how people, much like yourself, will react to your advertising.
So you are watching your favorite prime time TV show. Like always a commercial comes on. The commercial is catchy and kind of memorable but shortly your show comes back on and you move on from the product or service you just saw.
The next day you are driving to work. From your favorite radio station you hear the same tag line or “Jingle” you saw in the commercial the evening before.

Local events and local news are two major points that no other medium can deliver the way radio can

Now we ask the question. How likely are you to be “Branded”? To put it another way … how likely are you to remember the product or service when you need it. The obvious answer is highly likely.

Facts on Radio Advertising Listener Base

Now lets look at the staggering numbers of radio advertisement. As of May 31, 2018 the total number of radio listeners was 228.5 million per Week! In numbers … 228,500,000. As of 2016 the total population of the United States in 2017 was 325.7 million. That means over 70% of America listens to the regular AM/FM radio each week. Thus, the numbers for regular radio out weigh any other advertising medium.

More than TV. More than Web Applications. And shockingly, over 45% more than streaming services and satellite services combined.

As you can see above, Radio, by far, is still the best way to reach the best amount of potential customers.

Radio Centre Study: Facts on Radio Advertising Listener Base

In an extensive test on brand awareness vs advertising mediums, Radio Centre looked at the impact of the following three groups:
Control Group – no advertising presented
Audio Visual Group – advertising like television commercials
Audio Visual with Audio Reinforcement Group – television commercials followed up with audio advertisement

Coffee And Mental Awareness

Looking at the graphic below we see the result of mental association versus category entry points or times when customers would buy.

Radio Center Mental Association Diagram

courtesy radiocentre.org

Grey-Control, Blue-AV Only, Purple-AV with Audio

From the diagram you can see the impact combined AV (Visual/Television) and Audio (Radio) advertising has. The grey line denotes where you brand awareness would be without any advertising whatsoever. Blue is AV or a TV commercial. Purple is AV combined with Audio reinforcement, a television commercial and a radio ad.
Note that the largest increases connect with the consumers emotions. Most notable are the “A Personal Reward” and “Feeling of Comfort”. To this BC Media asks … Are you more likely to buy a brand that makes you feel comfortable and rewarded? Of course you are.

Increased Trust and Category Entry Points

Earlier we mentioned Category Entry Points. When combined, media advertising method numbers show increased trust and category entry points. This proves that branding your business in different methods will convert customers when the time is right. No matter if it is a day or a month, when you have correct marketing in place and the category entry point (timing) is right, the consumer will choose your product. It’s all about establishing trust through your advertising.

Lets look at the chart showing the end result from combined AV and Audio marketing.

radio centre increase category entry points

courtesy radiocentre.org

Grey- Control, Blue-AV Only, Purple-AV with Audio

So, we see three sections again. Our Control (Grey), AV (Blue) and AV with Audio supplement (Purple). In numbers, using only AV or Television/Video advertising shows an increase of 23%. That is quite an increase over the control group, however notice the purple AV with Audio supplement increase. 6% over AV (Audio/Video) alone when combined with supplemental Radio advertising. Up to 29%!

The take away here … given the cost of radio advertising, especially with BC Media pricing, combining Television and Radio advertising will increase your ROI exponentially. The key is driving home brand awareness and trust for your brand. Given the scope of services, BC Media is your best option for start to finish TV and Radio marketing.

A final interesting talking point is the amount of local radio listeners via the internet. Surprisingly people choose to tune into local radio stations via the internet vs using a streaming service. Partly because of targeted advertising. Lets look at common sense reasons why. Primarily because people have come to rely on local radio advertising for upcoming local events and news. Local events and local news are two major points that no other medium can deliver the way radio can. Thus, as we discuss facts on radio advertising listener base the amount of people tuning in via the internet to local radio stations must be considered.

A Working Knowledge of Combined Advertising

Now you have a working knowledge of combined advertising because facts on radio advertising listener base are clear. Leave the details to us. Know that visual and audio advertising combined increases brand awareness. Staying within your budget still gets results. Combining mediums creates trust and emotional connection. Thus, every industry benefits from advertising in this way. Legal, Tax, Rehab Facilities, Automotive Sales and Repair. This is just a small list of the businesses BC Media assists in combined marketing. You can see a more extensive list on our About Page. BC Media creates TV and Radio ads that brand your business right.

Generic Commercials Get Generic Results

Generic Commercials Get Generic Results

Attention Radio Advertisers!
Generic Commercials Get Generic Results!

That’s right! Ideally, when you advertise on the TV and radio the goal is to convert consumers into customer. Thus enhancing your commercials with brand awareness is essential. In this article we’ll take a look at specific research why generic commercials don’t work as branded TV and Radio commercials do.

Testing Why Generic Commercials Get Generic Results

You may have guessed a ton of research has gone into testing why generic commercials get generic results. Some of the best research on brand awareness took place at Kansas State University in 2007. In an experiment with crayons, tissues and tortilla chips students rate the quality and price of products along with packaging.

If you don’t stand out, you’re left out!

For all 3 products: packaging rotated, products were stand alone, product in original package and lastly just the name of the product. Because products and packaging are random, we are looking at consumers natural reaction to the product name, packaging and quality.

Test Results

Findings from the research concluded that people are far more likely to react to products that are packaged and branded. Take a look at these charts showing the test results.

chart showing consumers branding and packaging preference tortilla chips
This chart shows the Tortilla Chip results. Notice how any brand tortilla chip put in a Tostitos brand bag has a higher perceived quality.

chart showing consumers branding and packaging preference tissue
This chart shows the Facial Tissue results. Notice that even when the top brands are put in generic packaging perceived quality plummets by almost 50%.
chart showing consumers branding and packaging preference crayons
This chart shows the Crayon results. Notice how the Dollar Tree crayon has a perceived higher quality because it was in Crayola packaging.

Above you have charted evidence that brand awareness and packaging will lead to more conversions. In some cases you can see that presentation outweighs quality, largely apparent in the case of the Dollar Tree crayon.

What Do Crayons, Tortilla Chips and Facial Tissues Have To Do With Media Advertising?

Good question. In the examples above we are focusing on the perceived value increase of your product when branded correctly. In short, if you want to sell any product, especially on the radio or TV, you have to brand yourself in every advert. Therefore, make it easy for your potential customers to convert themselves. You can check out the full paper here.

So there you have it. The data is in and it says that you need to brand your product correctly in order to increase your ROI on TV and Radio advertisements. Ultimately the goal of any business, ours or yours, is to deliver a product that exceeds customer expectation. BC Media is here to give you the tools and experience you need to make great things happen on any advertising budget. Read on to find out who the biggest offenders of generic commercials are.

Easier Solutions For Advertisements That Convert

Considering best examples are Tax Settlement, Debt Collection and Injury advertisements. These industries have immense competition. Despite said competition, commonly these industries will choose bland commercials that aren’t memorable. Instead, Tax Settlement, Debt Collection, Insurance Agents and Injury Lawyers should Contact BC Media & Associates. We have experience using voices that people recognize on radio and faces they love seeing on TV. Creating a powerful, memorable, SHAREABLE radio or TV commercial is what we do. Because if you don’t stand out you’re left out!

radio advertising effects google ranking

Radio Advertising Effects Google Ranking

Sounds crazy eh? “Radio Advertising Effects Google Ranking”. Outlandish. What would Google ranking possibly have to do with Radio advertising? The truth is … a lot. Let me explain.

Exploring How Radio Advertising Effects Google Ranking

At first glance your internet rank doesn’t seem connected to radio advertising. However, exploring how Radio Advertising effects Google ranking will shed new light on the connection between the two. By the end of this article you will know how all platforms connect by the same process. Although we will be focusing chiefly on Google and Radio, the connections between platforms is almost inevitable.

Radio Listeners Will Search First

Commonly when people are listening to the radio they are engaged in some activity. Be it working or driving, chances are they are not ready to write down your contact information. Enter the search engines. Most cases listeners will search your business name or key phrase. From there they will navigate to your website, then call you.

But how do searches effect your rank?

Even though the radio listener may or may not contact you, the act of searching your business benefits you greatly. First, Google knows that the listener interested in your product or service. Thus, Google will be more likely to suggest your site if the listener goes looking again. So now you know even if you don’t gain a customer immediately, a radio advertisement search helped your online presence grow. mobile radio advertising search image

Second, the higher volume of people that search your business name specifically will show Google that people are talking about you. If people are talking, and you don’t have negative reviews, you are more likely to come up in search results. Think of it like bell bottoms. No one likes them until everyone starts wearing them. Although reading that you may be tempted to search yourself a bunch of times … but it doesn’t work like that. Google knows it’s you.

But Wait … There’s More!

Third. You may not know, many other search engines feed off of Google. In turn your listing at alternate search engines like Bing or Yahoo! will begin to factor in your new found popularity with Google. Even international search engines can begin to index and show your site

Lastly, now this is the cherry on top. Sometimes Android devices will send notifications to the listener. Notification can ask to leave a review or if they are still interested in your service. Free advertising at its finest!

To quote a May 2018 BC Media article

“… Radio Advertising Bureau shows that radio boosts Google brand searches by an average of 29%”

Read full article here

29%. How would your business change with a 29% increase? With numbers like that it literally pays to have your radio advertising and online presence in sync. We will get into how to update your online presence for radio advertising in another article. Today more than ever before you must be ready to be searched from a mobile phone. Naturally, Google would prefer it to be an android however iPhone users use Google too when prompted. Be forward thinking about the information your potential customer will be looking for.

For the recap:
– Always be ready for radio listeners to search your business
– People searching your business is good
– Most other search engines get some information from Google
– Google Android users may get notifications after they search your radio advertisement

Using these creative ideas and more to generate conversions is hallmark of BC Media. When we say “Maximize Your ROI” we mean it! Tap into these ideas and more with our representative. They will be happy to discuss how Radio Advertising effects Google ranking with you directly. No time for a call? Send us an email from the Contact Us Page.

Sobering Truth About Rehab Advertising

Sobering Truth About Rehab Advertising

In this summary of our Linkedin Articles we reveal some sobering truth about rehab advertising.

When you think of “Rehab” you may think of The Betty Ford Clinic where celebrities go to get better. However for the rest of us, Rehab facilities need to advertise like any other business. BC Media is up front with clients, explaining best practices for advertising on radio, tv and billboard

Sobering Truth About Rehab Advertising: Better Is Here

Not all advertising methods are productive when it comes to Rehab Facilities. Rehab Centers need key components to equal advertising conversions. Lets face it, people seeking rehab need help. Centers need to be accessible at the time drug and alcohol users need them. Realizing this, BC Media uses advertising experience to help Rehab Centers convert customers which helps people.

Duplicating Successful Campaigns For Rehab Centers

women at rehabilitation clinic garden
Trust BC Media experience in TV and Radio for drug and alcohol rehab. Get the most out of your current advertising budget by duplicating successful campaigns for rehab centers in the past. Targeting time and audience leads to better conversions. It has been said that the road to drug and alcohol recovery starts with the phone call to the rehab clinic. BC Media is the company that can help connect that call.

Because there are options when it comes to media advertising, we posted this article. In the following Linkin Article “There is No Such Thing as Cheap Rehab Leads!”, BC Media answers the questions What is the cost of Rehab Advertising? and How Rehab facilities should advertise successfully?

Above all BC Media wants you to be informed. As a result, reach out with any questions. Simply Contact Us. Finally, you welcome to call for a one on one consultation. Our goal is to help rehab clinics help people.

Enjoy the article!

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