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Generic Commercials Get Generic Results

Generic Commercials Get Generic Results

Attention Radio Advertisers!
Generic Commercials Get Generic Results!

That’s right! Ideally, when you advertise on the TV and radio the goal is to convert consumers into customer. Thus enhancing your commercials with brand awareness is essential. In this article we’ll take a look at specific research why generic commercials don’t work as branded TV and Radio commercials do.

Testing Why Generic Commercials Get Generic Results

You may have guessed a ton of research has gone into testing why generic commercials get generic results. Some of the best research on brand awareness took place at Kansas State University in 2007. In an experiment with crayons, tissues and tortilla chips students rate the quality and price of products along with packaging.

If you don’t stand out, you’re left out!

For all 3 products: packaging rotated, products were stand alone, product in original package and lastly just the name of the product. Because products and packaging are random, we are looking at consumers natural reaction to the product name, packaging and quality.

Test Results

Findings from the research concluded that people are far more likely to react to products that are packaged and branded. Take a look at these charts showing the test results.

chart showing consumers branding and packaging preference tortilla chips
This chart shows the Tortilla Chip results. Notice how any brand tortilla chip put in a Tostitos brand bag has a higher perceived quality.

chart showing consumers branding and packaging preference tissue
This chart shows the Facial Tissue results. Notice that even when the top brands are put in generic packaging perceived quality plummets by almost 50%.
chart showing consumers branding and packaging preference crayons
This chart shows the Crayon results. Notice how the Dollar Tree crayon has a perceived higher quality because it was in Crayola packaging.

Above you have charted evidence that brand awareness and packaging will lead to more conversions. In some cases you can see that presentation outweighs quality, largely apparent in the case of the Dollar Tree crayon.

What Do Crayons, Tortilla Chips and Facial Tissues Have To Do With Media Advertising?

Good question. In the examples above we are focusing on the perceived value increase of your product when branded correctly. In short, if you want to sell any product, especially on the radio or TV, you have to brand yourself in every advert. Therefore, make it easy for your potential customers to convert themselves. You can check out the full paper here.

So there you have it. The data is in and it says that you need to brand your product correctly in order to increase your ROI on TV and Radio advertisements. Ultimately the goal of any business, ours or yours, is to deliver a product that exceeds customer expectation. BC Media is here to give you the tools and experience you need to make great things happen on any advertising budget. Read on to find out who the biggest offenders of generic commercials are.

Easier Solutions For Advertisements That Convert

Considering best examples are Tax Settlement, Debt Collection and Injury advertisements. These industries have immense competition. Despite said competition, commonly these industries will choose bland commercials that aren’t memorable. Instead, Tax Settlement, Debt Collection, Insurance Agents and Injury Lawyers should Contact BC Media & Associates. We have experience using voices that people recognize on radio and faces they love seeing on TV. Creating a powerful, memorable, SHAREABLE radio or TV commercial is what we do. Because if you don’t stand out you’re left out!