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Facts on Radio Advertising Listener Base

Facts on Radio Advertising Listener Base

Living with the internet everywhere many may think that Radio Advertising should be abandoned. However, this article will show you facts on radio advertising listener base. In short, radio advertising is relevant more than ever before.

Using hard data courtesy of RadioCentre.org we’ll give examples of how to influence your target market. By the end, you will understand how combining BC Media’s TV and Radio options will increase your direct consumer response campaign dramatically.

First, lets start with a common sense example. No hard data necessary. Just a real life example of how people, much like yourself, will react to your advertising.
So you are watching your favorite prime time TV show. Like always a commercial comes on. The commercial is catchy and kind of memorable but shortly your show comes back on and you move on from the product or service you just saw.
The next day you are driving to work. From your favorite radio station you hear the same tag line or “Jingle” you saw in the commercial the evening before.

Local events and local news are two major points that no other medium can deliver the way radio can

Now we ask the question. How likely are you to be “Branded”? To put it another way … how likely are you to remember the product or service when you need it. The obvious answer is highly likely.

Facts on Radio Advertising Listener Base

Now lets look at the staggering numbers of radio advertisement. As of May 31, 2018 the total number of radio listeners was 228.5 million per Week! In numbers … 228,500,000. As of 2016 the total population of the United States in 2017 was 325.7 million. That means over 70% of America listens to the regular AM/FM radio each week. Thus, the numbers for regular radio out weigh any other advertising medium.

More than TV. More than Web Applications. And shockingly, over 45% more than streaming services and satellite services combined.

As you can see above, Radio, by far, is still the best way to reach the best amount of potential customers.

Radio Centre Study: Facts on Radio Advertising Listener Base

In an extensive test on brand awareness vs advertising mediums, Radio Centre looked at the impact of the following three groups:
Control Group – no advertising presented
Audio Visual Group – advertising like television commercials
Audio Visual with Audio Reinforcement Group – television commercials followed up with audio advertisement

Coffee And Mental Awareness

Looking at the graphic below we see the result of mental association versus category entry points or times when customers would buy.

Radio Center Mental Association Diagram

courtesy radiocentre.org

Grey-Control, Blue-AV Only, Purple-AV with Audio

From the diagram you can see the impact combined AV (Visual/Television) and Audio (Radio) advertising has. The grey line denotes where you brand awareness would be without any advertising whatsoever. Blue is AV or a TV commercial. Purple is AV combined with Audio reinforcement, a television commercial and a radio ad.
Note that the largest increases connect with the consumers emotions. Most notable are the “A Personal Reward” and “Feeling of Comfort”. To this BC Media asks … Are you more likely to buy a brand that makes you feel comfortable and rewarded? Of course you are.

Increased Trust and Category Entry Points

Earlier we mentioned Category Entry Points. When combined, media advertising method numbers show increased trust and category entry points. This proves that branding your business in different methods will convert customers when the time is right. No matter if it is a day or a month, when you have correct marketing in place and the category entry point (timing) is right, the consumer will choose your product. It’s all about establishing trust through your advertising.

Lets look at the chart showing the end result from combined AV and Audio marketing.

radio centre increase category entry points

courtesy radiocentre.org

Grey- Control, Blue-AV Only, Purple-AV with Audio

So, we see three sections again. Our Control (Grey), AV (Blue) and AV with Audio supplement (Purple). In numbers, using only AV or Television/Video advertising shows an increase of 23%. That is quite an increase over the control group, however notice the purple AV with Audio supplement increase. 6% over AV (Audio/Video) alone when combined with supplemental Radio advertising. Up to 29%!

The take away here … given the cost of radio advertising, especially with BC Media pricing, combining Television and Radio advertising will increase your ROI exponentially. The key is driving home brand awareness and trust for your brand. Given the scope of services, BC Media is your best option for start to finish TV and Radio marketing.

A final interesting talking point is the amount of local radio listeners via the internet. Surprisingly people choose to tune into local radio stations via the internet vs using a streaming service. Partly because of targeted advertising. Lets look at common sense reasons why. Primarily because people have come to rely on local radio advertising for upcoming local events and news. Local events and local news are two major points that no other medium can deliver the way radio can. Thus, as we discuss facts on radio advertising listener base the amount of people tuning in via the internet to local radio stations must be considered.

A Working Knowledge of Combined Advertising

Now you have a working knowledge of combined advertising because facts on radio advertising listener base are clear. Leave the details to us. Know that visual and audio advertising combined increases brand awareness. Staying within your budget still gets results. Combining mediums creates trust and emotional connection. Thus, every industry benefits from advertising in this way. Legal, Tax, Rehab Facilities, Automotive Sales and Repair. This is just a small list of the businesses BC Media assists in combined marketing. You can see a more extensive list on our About Page. BC Media creates TV and Radio ads that brand your business right.