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Why Web Services?

Why Web Services?

Why Web Services you ask? Your web presence is the most important piece of your marketing campaign. Web presence can be thought of as the central hub of your advertising campaigns. All points should lead to your website. For example, if a radio listener hears your ad, they may not have enough time to write down your number. The next best option for the listener is to use a search engine, like Google, to find you. There are other searches but I’ll save those for later.

Google searches are where SEO comes into play. What you will find if your website is not indexed correctly, even if someone searches your business name directly, you may not come up. That said, you can see the importances of a proper SEO campaign during your advertising push. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, a service we offer. Having your website in the highest position possible is the key to conversion.

Can’t Google Adwords Put Me On Top Of Searches?

Why Web Services SEO IconGoogle has just changed the name of Adwords. The new name for Adwords is Google Ads. But to answer the question “can’t Google Adwords put me on top of searches”, the answer is “Yes”. However, here is the correlation with Google Ads (formerly Adwords) and Organic SEO. The amount of times a customer will see your business name on the search page.

Let’s break that statement down to an example. Potential customer searches, your Google Ad pops up on top. They see it, read it, but scroll down. Now that they have seen your business name and now you are able to build trust. This gives you an advantage over even the number 1 listing on Google. Now insert BC Media SEO Web Service. As the user scrolls down they see your business name again on the first page list. You are almost guaranteed to get a click on your SEO ranked link. Why? Because your business name subconsciously looks familiar to the user you are already established trust.

We Do Landing Pages And Sales Funnels Too!

Landing pages and sales funnels are great for short, highly memorable, goods and services. The importance of a landing page is to deliver fast information and give the user a clear cut way to contact your business. Landing pages can consist of video, text content and a contact form. Feeling a landing page or sales funnel is for you? Contact our Web Team.

Why Web Services? Because Your Customers Are Online Just Like You!

But we can’t leave out Social Media. For a business to be relevant today you must have your brand on all social media platforms. These can vary internationally however Twitter, Facebook, Instagram Google Plus and Pinterest are a MUST. But why? Why should you create social media accounts if your marketing model doesn’t revolve around being social?
The answer is simple. Your potential customers will look for your there.

For instance, a person watching TV at home always has their phone handy. They most likely are scrolling through their favorite social media platform periodically while watching TV. Then your commercial comes on. Immediately they scroll to the top and search your business name in whatever social app they are using. If they don’t find you there your chances of them looking elsewhere online are slim to none. Worse still their search may bring up your competitors!! The takeaway here is to meet your customers where they are at. And they are at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus and Pinterest.

Why Do I Need A Website If I Have Social Media?

Website Social Media AnswersClients will frequently ask “Why do I need a website if I have Social Media set up?”. As part of BC Media and Associates Web Services we do full website design. Having a full website is important to your customers because it gives them a central hub. Again, all road should lead to and from your website.

Studies show that when a user engages with your business online through one platform they will search for you on others. This is how your potential customers gain trust. Think of it like this … each “place”, like Google, Facebook, Twitter etc, that you list your business at builds more trust with the internet as a whole. The key role of the website is to connect all of your trusted locations online.

So there you have it. A wordy overview and explanation of the NEW BC Media and Associates Web Services. Now that you know why web services our team is ready to bring you the results. As a note, Web Services are available with or without a Radio or TV advertising campaign.

Available Services:

  • Campaign Landing Pages
  • Sales Funnels
  • Full Website Design
  • SEO Services
  • Google Ads (formerly Adwords)
  • Social Media Management
radio advertising effects google ranking

Radio Advertising Effects Google Ranking

Sounds crazy eh? “Radio Advertising Effects Google Ranking”. Outlandish. What would Google ranking possibly have to do with Radio advertising? The truth is … a lot. Let me explain.

Exploring How Radio Advertising Effects Google Ranking

At first glance your internet rank doesn’t seem connected to radio advertising. However, exploring how Radio Advertising effects Google ranking will shed new light on the connection between the two. By the end of this article you will know how all platforms connect by the same process. Although we will be focusing chiefly on Google and Radio, the connections between platforms is almost inevitable.

Radio Listeners Will Search First

Commonly when people are listening to the radio they are engaged in some activity. Be it working or driving, chances are they are not ready to write down your contact information. Enter the search engines. Most cases listeners will search your business name or key phrase. From there they will navigate to your website, then call you.

But how do searches effect your rank?

Even though the radio listener may or may not contact you, the act of searching your business benefits you greatly. First, Google knows that the listener interested in your product or service. Thus, Google will be more likely to suggest your site if the listener goes looking again. So now you know even if you don’t gain a customer immediately, a radio advertisement search helped your online presence grow. mobile radio advertising search image

Second, the higher volume of people that search your business name specifically will show Google that people are talking about you. If people are talking, and you don’t have negative reviews, you are more likely to come up in search results. Think of it like bell bottoms. No one likes them until everyone starts wearing them. Although reading that you may be tempted to search yourself a bunch of times … but it doesn’t work like that. Google knows it’s you.

But Wait … There’s More!

Third. You may not know, many other search engines feed off of Google. In turn your listing at alternate search engines like Bing or Yahoo! will begin to factor in your new found popularity with Google. Even international search engines can begin to index and show your site

Lastly, now this is the cherry on top. Sometimes Android devices will send notifications to the listener. Notification can ask to leave a review or if they are still interested in your service. Free advertising at its finest!

To quote a May 2018 BC Media article

“… Radio Advertising Bureau shows that radio boosts Google brand searches by an average of 29%”

Read full article here

29%. How would your business change with a 29% increase? With numbers like that it literally pays to have your radio advertising and online presence in sync. We will get into how to update your online presence for radio advertising in another article. Today more than ever before you must be ready to be searched from a mobile phone. Naturally, Google would prefer it to be an android however iPhone users use Google too when prompted. Be forward thinking about the information your potential customer will be looking for.

For the recap:
– Always be ready for radio listeners to search your business
– People searching your business is good
– Most other search engines get some information from Google
– Google Android users may get notifications after they search your radio advertisement

Using these creative ideas and more to generate conversions is hallmark of BC Media. When we say “Maximize Your ROI” we mean it! Tap into these ideas and more with our representative. They will be happy to discuss how Radio Advertising effects Google ranking with you directly. No time for a call? Send us an email from the Contact Us Page.