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Which Is Better Radio Or Facebook For Small Business Advertising

Radio Or Facebook For Small Business Advertising?

There is no doubt Facebook and social media in general has changed the way we live and do business. But lets take a realistic look at radio or Facebook for small business advertising. While Facebook advertising may seem less expensive, ROI might say otherwise. In this article we will take a common sense approach. Factors will be common small business owners trying to create Facebook ads themselves. On the flip side will be using a company, like BC Media and Associates, to create and run a radio ad.

Which Is Better Radio Or Facebook For Small Business Advertising?

Small Business in our definition is any business that generates $1 to $1 million per year. On the high side, some might consider that medium business. But for our purposes we’ll call that small.

Facebook First.

Why Facebook Isnt Best For Small Business AdvertisingThere are many aspects that are alluring when it comes to Facebook ads. You can start an advertising campaign for as little as $7! Wow! You can do it yourself which might “save the business money”. You can choose your target audience by their likes and dislikes. However when it comes down to brass tacks this is what most small business find out about Facebook. ———–>

Lack of real interaction is what they find. Maybe a few like your post. One or two like your page. But what most business owners are finding out is that Facebook advertising do not convert. Social Media advertising also take lots of work. Not only creating the ads themselves but monitoring and responding to them also. (That monitoring part is ALWAYS overlooked.) You see, the drawback is when you advertise on Social Media platforms people expect an immediate response. Most comments will “test you out” or “see if you would respond”. For small business owners this becomes a challenge. Often times resulting in dead conversation that just wastes time.

Now … about that $7 starting price tag. Lets explore that a bit more. For $7 on Facebook you will get seen by 500 – 700 people. That’s it. If you created an awesome ad you may get some engagement … but don’t expect much. Time for an monetary example. Given the numbers above lets say you want to reach 50,000 people.

So, 50,000 รท 700 = 71.42.

Then 71.42 x $7 = $499.94

From the math example it is clear. For about $500 you will be seen by approximately 50,000 people. BUT! That does not guarantee interaction or conversion.

What Do Others Say?

While we are discussing Radio or Facebook for Small Business Advertising, here are some interesting truths from around the web to back up this article. This article from chron.com states “Ispos and Reuters Newswire found that four in five Facebook users have never bought a product or service as a result of advertising on the site”. The article goes on to say “General Motors pulled its own ads … claiming advertising on the site [Facebook] was ineffective”.

Here is a nifty chart that from WordStream.com showing click through rate per industry via Facebook advertising. Lets take a look.

facebook ads average click through rate graphic

Depending on your industry you can see that using Facebook as a sole source of advertising will have a pretty low conversion rate overall. Additionally, the chart above has professional ads factored in. Ads that have gone through A/B testing to see which ones are more effective. Thus, keep in mind, “testing” Facebook ads is the same as running ads.

Are Radio Commercials Cheaper Than Facebook Ads?

As a small business owner one question that is 100% valid is “are radio commercials cheaper than Facebook ads?”. We think you might be surprised at the answer.

Low Maintenance

Radio ads aren’t just low maintenance … they are no maintenance. As the business owner, simply decide on a weekly budget and BC Media works within that budget to get you your desired listening times. However you do have options to participate in your radio ad. You can write the script. You can narrate the ad yourself. Or you can choose a “Do It For Me” approach and we will create the entire radio ad for you. Simple.

So now you know. With radio advertising you don’t have to monitor and respond, test and re-test like you do with Facebook. Small Business owners make a few key selections, approve the script and set the budget. BC Media will also provide tracking information on the calls or views to your landing pages. I’m sure you will agree, saving you time also saves you money, no doubt.

What About Cost Of Radio Advertising For Small Business?

Here is what will shock you. Small business owners asking “What about the cost of radio advertising for small business?”. “Is Radio Affordable?”. Or “I have a very limited budget, how can I afford radio advertising?”. As a basic response BC Media replies “$2 per 1000 listeners”.

So lets stack that figure for radio advertising against Facebook advertising.

Radio: $2 per 1000 impressions

Facebook: $14 per 1400 impressions (this is actually the writer being VERY generous. actuals are closer to 700-800 impressions depending on your ad.)

Given the information above, radio advertising has the potential to be far more effective. Radio is easier to implement than Facebook advertising and requires no maintenance or response monitoring like Facebook does. Dive deeper into the effectiveness with Radio Advertising in our article Facts on Radio Advertising Listener Base

The Focus Is Conversion

The focus is conversion with little effort on part of the small business owner. All aspect considered, Radio is by far the winner in this head to head battle. To quote Ron Popeil Radio has a “Set it and forget it” appeal that Social Media just can’t compete with. Radio advertising also pre-qualifies customers interested in your product or service. While on Social Media people can comment whatever they like, Radio requires them to honestly have a need. This pre-qualification eliminates wasted time on leads that are not truly ready for your product or service.

So What Is Your Take? Radio Or Facebook For Small Business Advertising?

Radio or Facebook for small business advertising? What will your choice be? While BC Media recommends you try both to gather your own results, resoundingly our findings are you will be happier with the ROI from Radio advertising. Contact us via email or phone for a free consultation on which option might be best for your business.