Online Forms to Pre-Qualify Job Applicants

Online Forms To Pre Qualify Job Applicants

The BC Media and Associates Digital Team is proud to announce the addition of Online Forms to Pre Qualify Job Applicants!

Companies using our traditional radio and tv commercials to advertise for job openings REJOICE! The Digital Team has met your demand with online forms to pre qualify job applicants. As we evolve our department to further support requests of our advertisers, look for more updates like these in the coming weeks. But for now lets roll out our online job applicant pre-qualification forms.

This new service is available to all our current advertisers regardless of industry. Cost is not included with any current campaign pricing however adding a pre-qualification landing page is very affordable. Basic design, implementation and 3 months of storage starts at under $500! A great deal to augment a planned successful hiring campaign.

Why Use Online Forms To Pre Qualify Job Applicants

Savings. Savings, of all kinds, is the reason why to use online forms to pre-qualify your job applicants. Our advertisers requested a way to pre-qualify applicants before they call HR or visit a hiring office. The best way is with a mobile friendly online form specifically designed for a corporate hiring phase. Advertisers wanted to know that an applicant at least met certain criteria BEFORE they get to an actual, physical, job application. Inadvertently we created savings on all fronts.

Outsourcing the job applicant data collection process to BC Media Digital saves hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars as well as:
– Time on part of the applicant
– Natural resources like paper, gasoline, electricity etc.
– Labor of greeting applicants or hiring a call center to take calls
– Data filtering can be saved if you would like us to pre screen applicant responses for spam.
I could go on but you get the idea. It’s a far better value to direct responses to online forms to pre qualify job applicants.

Qualifying Potential New Hires

Success in recruiting using Radio and TV advertisements relies on qualifying potential new hires before they fill out a physical application. Correctly pre qualifying potential new hires is as easy as quick online tasks or questionnaires. In short, using questions and tasks to test behavior response in candidates. Posting the form online saves you and the applicant time and money. Here’s an example.

Warehouse Worker

For this example we’re looking to fill warehouse workers. Potential new hires will need to be able to lift 70lbs. and have attention to detail when picking orders. So how do we use online tools for qualifying potential new hires? A few questions should help us pick the right person to call an employee.

Pre-Qualifying “Are You Able To Lift 70lbs?” Example

Seems like a straightforward question for a straightforward answer. But the truth is most people don’t really know what lifting 70lbs feels like. Because applicants don’t really know what 70lbs feels like they will most likely respond, “Yes”, even though they might not be physically capable. How do we get a better, more honest response? How about this alternative question:
What is the heaviest object you lift or move most often? How often do you move the object?
– applicants have more flexibility to give an honest answer.
– gives the employer an idea of how repetitive task capable the applicant might be
– lets the employer decide how much weight the applicant really can lift
Asking a questions as above will give you, the employer more information about the applicant thus making it easier to select the right person. Now on to requirement 2.

Pre-Qualifying Attention To Detail While Picking Orders Example

Attention to detail is what every employer wants to know before hiring anyone. Will the new applicant be able to preform the tasks of the job in detail? Gauging an applicants attention to detail is something we set up throughout the online pre-qualification. For instance, at the beginning of the pre-qualifying form give direction “Leave any question you do not have an answer to blank”. Then give the following question:

Select the smiley face in the middle

smiley example application question
Since the smiley face is not in the middle this answer should be left blank.

Since there is only one smiley face, this question should be left blank. We will clearly see if the applicant is answering according to the directions at the beginning.

Auto Exit Feature

The auto exit feature is where the true power comes in. Since this is a qualifying form providing an early exit based on response is the easy way to omit candidates that do not meet hiring criteria. Just like a choose your own adventure book, the form questions and submit buttons can change direction based on answers. No need to alert the applicant with a discouraging message, we simply allow them to exit and advise them to wait the standard response time. Also available is an automatic Thank You declination email follow up. Ask us about that service.

BC Media Digital Is Here To Support You

Remember, BC Media Digital is here to support you in your radio and TV campaign. Online forms are just one way our web team can augment your commercials. We encourage you to reach out with any questions you have about using digital marketing to support you campaign.

For Digital inquiries we have a chat feature on our main site. You can also reach the Digital department via our Contact Page.

Chat Soon!

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